Spreading information about the benefits of cannabis

By Mark Pavilons, Editor
THE WEEKLY SENTINEL – Thursday, June 1, 2023

A local resident’s efforts is dispelling myths and providing facts about the benefits of cannabis. Sherry Bennett, Medical Cannabis Educator and Resource Consultant with Let’s Talk Cannabis, noted cannabis has a safety profile of 10,000+ plus years.

Through her podcast, Bennett and Dr. Barbara Mainville talk about harm reduction, combating the opioid crises, public safety, and improving mental health and well being.

They record conversations with other doctors, lawyers and patients from all over the world (mostly North America). 

“We provide correct, factual education about a necessary medicine that has been maligned and misunderstood for the past century,” she said. “Cannabis is a necessary medicine for those(like me) who live with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).”

Bennett noted that for some patients, cannabis can be a life-saving treatment option.

The COVID-19 pandemic has fuelled the rapidly growing rate of opiate overdoses. We are now faced with a global mental health crisis.

Many people (including doctors and nurses), are now being diagnosed with complex trauma (PTSD/ Post Traumatic Stress Injury).

“Cannabis can be part of the solution. Unlike opiate medications, cannabis treatment does not come with the risk of life-threatening addiction or lethal overdose. Yet, there is a lack of education about medical cannabis treatment and the Human Endocannabinoid System.”

In 2016, Bennett began a journey of discovery that would transform her life and business. Through her work with clients at her referral agency, Bayview Concierge, she soon discovered that there was a strong interest for medical cannabis education and treatment.

Sherry answered the call by launching Let’s Talk Cannabis, (LTC) a platform designed to educate and inspire an ongoing discussion about the healing potential of medical cannabis treatment.

Today, LTC is on a mission to bridge the gap between mainstream cannabis knowledge with science and the law.

Sherry and her team of experts help doctors, lawyers, educators, and patients alike learn about the safety and benefits of medical cannabis treatment.

Sherry offers a wealth of knowledge based on her lived experience as a medical cannabis patient, professional speaker, and educator. Some talking points include:

  • How cannabis affects the human body and the critical role of the Human Endocannabinoid System (and why doctors have been missing crucial education about this monumental function of human physiology).
  • From COVID to Cannabis: how deaths from opioid use now outweigh covid-19 deaths – and why medical cannabis can be a part of the solution (harm reduction) .
  • Stigmas surrounding medical cannabis and barriers to receiving treatment.
  • How to obtain a medical advice and a cannabis prescription in Canada. Current statistics tell us there are millions of Canadians who admit to using cannabis to treat their symptoms.

Seniors (and people over the age of 40) are the largest demographic of cannabis users. As of 2035, 25 per cent of the Canadian population will be “seniors,” which translates to at least 10 million Canadians over the age of 65.

“There has never been a more pertinent time in history than now to quash the stigmas of cannabis and bring to light the healing benefits of this ancient medicine,” she said.

For more information: https://ltcedu.ca You can listen to their podcast, “Let’s Talk Cannabis with Doctors” at https://ltcedu.ca/podcast/


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