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Jesse Fernandes (Exec. Producer) introduces host Sherry Bennett and Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Barb Mainville who meet with Dr. Joseph Rosado, one of the most respected medical authorities on cannabis as plant-based medicine based in North East Central Florida, USA  and cover a range of important topics:


  • Started studying medicine at the age of 16, began researching the endocannabinoid system and the issue that cannabis does not create a physiological dependency
  • Discussing the laws and decriminalization of medical cannabis in Florida
  • treating Alzheimer’s and dementia with medical cannabis to promote neurogenesis and the rebuilding of stem cells
  • Implementing medical cannabis to treat young Pediatric patients (down to 18 months old) – seizures, Autism, Pediatric anxiety; each treatment is highly individualized
  • Autism patients tracked through a 20+ year research study that reviewed findings and saw specific regions of the brain had no atrophy or cognition deficiencies when using medical cannabis
  • Discussion of harmful side-effects to Pediatric patients of prescribing mainstream drugs, instead prescribing medical cannabis as a front line treatment protocol
  • treating with Medical cannabis is not a one-size-fits all which requires patience and careful monitoring to ensure the dosage schedule and THC/CBD combinations
  • discussing various synthetic medical cannabis products
  • medical cannabis helps people suffering from the side-effects of their pharmaceutical medications and opioid withdrawal
  • and more…

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