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Jesse Fernandes (Exec. Producer) introduces host Sherry Bennett and Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Barb Mainville who meet with the CEO and co-founder of Aqualitas Myrna Gillis based on Bedford, Nova Scotia,  and cover a range of important topics regarding manufacturing, testing and important medical use cases:


  • Overview of Aqualitas and their unique organic growing process using aquaponics (using living Koi fish) to generate macro and micro nutrients for their organic cannabis products
  • Discussing clean cannabis dried flower (non-irradiated) vs synthetic and plant based flowers and the benefits associated as it pertains to product research and development
  • The benefits of having a pure controlled environment like Aqualitas with validated processes to create the right genetic CBD profiles for accurate evidence based research with more consistent results 
  • Treating Trauma and PTSD with medical Cannabis and marginalized communities
  • Addressing ADHD with undiagnosed head injuries (neuro trama) and how higher amounts of THC rather than CBD can help treatment and support research
  • Common drug treatments for sleep and people with ADHD produce side effects which are not present when using THC as a treatment plan
  • CBD in the treatment of early dementia and helping the brains health with more favourable results and less side effects than mainstream drugs
  • Discussions around cannabis creating new brain synapsis that promotes neurogenesis
  • and more…

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