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Jesse Fernandes (Exec. Producer) introduces host Sherry Bennett, Founder and Managing Director of Let’s Talk Cannabis™ (LTC) and Bayview Concierge Inc., who speaks with accomplished lawyer, international consultant, and public speaker Robert W. E. Laurie of the privately held law firm Ad Lucem Law Corporation based on Vancouver, British Columbia:


  • advocate and voice for people who need to be heard
  • talks about his personal treatment of ADHD with Cannabis and Ritalin 
  • covers various legal topics concerning the use of Cannabis
  • exposes the government’s stance on medical cannabis and other natural plant medicines as a treatment – and our birth right
  • mental health, drug addiction and how Cannabis is forgiving when combining it with other medicines
  • using medical cannabis at the workplace to reduce anxiety due to work related stress, improve mental health or for medical reasons

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