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Jesse Fernandes (Exec. Producer) introduces host Sherry Bennett and Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Barb Mainville as we meet with Dr. Jennifer Anderson, a Family physician based in Winnipeg, Manitoba who specializes in cannabinoids, and discuss how she saved her son from seizing 3-4x/hr and near death to living a manageable home and school life by implementing CBD as a last resort.

Since then her son has been thriving, going from being in the hospital 90% of the time  to celebrating 3 yrs with no hospital visits for seizures. Since 2017 Dr, Jen has been working with patients of all ages who have failed all options and giving them the chance to explore cannabinoids as a form of treatment with favourable results.  She now works to advocate, educate and advise on cannabinoids to patients, colleagues and the industry. 

For more information on Dr. Jennifer Anderson and the important work she is doing, please visit her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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