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Jesse Fernandes (Exec. Producer) introduces host Sherry Bennett and Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Barb Mainville as we discuss potential harms, possible stigma around medical cannabis and it’s effects on psychosis and schizophrenia, and a range of important topics:


  • Defining the primary differences between the two main cannabinoids – THC and CBD and highlighting the 150 other cannabinoids, 200 terpenes and 25 flavonoids that all contribute to the plant.
  • The differences between medical cannabis and plants with >0.3% of THC which is considered hemp
  • THC has a dissociative effect and why it’s so widely used recreationally, but is also better prescribed for sleep disorders
  • CBD helps to moderate the effects of THC, and is also known to demonstrate anti-inflammatory effects in several inflammatory conditions
  • CBD and the derived oil is shown to help control children’s seizures
  • CBD offers protection against psychosis, stabilizes mood.  Evidence indicates that it protects against schizophrenia and bipolar disorders
  • The Sativa products are energizing and motivating which should be considered with people that have schizophrenia and bipolar disorders
  • A correlation between trauma and autoimmune disorders; both of which are modulated by the endocannabinoid system


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