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Jesse Fernandes (Exec. Producer) introduces host Sherry Bennett and Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Barb Mainville who meet with Lucie Pagé, Canadian Journalist for national Newspapers, Magazines and Radio stations cover a range of important topics:


  • Discovering that she had a very rare condition of female menopause that caused her years of pain and suffering and her journey to medical cannabis to help her manage her symptoms and eventually overcome her condition.
  • 100% of ADHD cases could be treated with medical cannabis rather than Ritalin, and Ritalin reacts the same place in the brain where the addictions start.
  • Teenagers turning to other drugs to cope with addiction could all be treated with medical cannabis.
  • and more…


About Lucie Pagé

Lucie Pagé, born in Nova Scotia, is a French Canadian journalist, writer and lecturer sharing her life between Canada and South Africa since 1990. She has done numerous television and radio documentaries as a journalist, producer and director and was often rewarded for her work. She has written for many newspapers and magazines and has been Radio-Canada’s radio correspondent in South Africa since 1990. She has written eight books – four novels and four non-fiction. Her book on cannabis – Sex, Pot and Politics – is actually a political satire where she incorporated her two-year research on cannabis, a plant that literally saved her life. Lucie has a very rare form of menopause that could have killed her had she not found how to treat herself with cannabis. She has been married to Jay Naidoo a political activist (still today) and minister in Nelson Mandela’s cabinet. They have been together for 32 years and have three children and three grandchildren.

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