Jesse Fernandes (Exec. Producer) introduces host Sherry Bennett and Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Barb Mainville who meet with Fabian Henry, an award winning Executive and Veteran advocate at the Veterans House Charity, helping the Veteran community translate their complex trauma needs into unique treatment plans , and cover a range of important topics:

  • Various approaches for treating symptoms of complex trauma and war related injuries with medical cannabis
  • The importance of terpene profile in medical cannabis for specific illness/injury
  • Most dominate terpene particular to the calming terpenes: myrcene, terpinolene, and linalool.
  • Fabian’s personal victory on being awarded first critical injury benefit solely for PTSD
  • Discussions around the endocannabinoid system and Trauma including the right protocols to process cannabis in order to pass the blood brain barrier
  • and more…


Information about Fabian Henry

  • The Veteran House Charity – head quartered in Gananoque, Ontario – a Federally Registered Charity supporting halfway or group home type facilities run by participating organization, where Veterans can go to heal from Mental illness and Operational Stress Injuries (OSI), such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other injuries, in Canada. 
  • VETERANS FOR HEALING GLOBAL – located in Sydney, NS
    Veterans For Healing Global (VFHG) is a Canadian company committed to helping support and guide Veterans and their families through their journey in health, healing, and well-being with our comprehensive client-care model.

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