The Foundations of Medical Cannabis (Part Two) — Breaking Barriers in the Legal Profession

Medical Cannabis training and education is essential for all healthcare professionals. I will never stop championing this message. As a close second, it’s also crucial for legal professionals to broaden their perspective and knowledge about medical cannabis.

I recently wrote this post introducing our online training course, the Foundations of Medical Cannabis, and why it’s essential for anyone in healthcare seeking medical cannabis education.

Below are some points to consider from the comprehensive education available in this course, for lawyers, politicians and the next generation of law students interested in medical cannabis law:

— Cannabis is legitimate medicine.

— Cannabis is legitimate business.

— The current laws are based on non-scientific, racial propaganda (we have the evidence to prove this).

— Indigenous scholars and communities were not given a say when the Canadian government created the Cannabis Act (in 2018).

— First Nations cannabis growers are plant medicine specialists, and yet, our government did not consult them. They now have their own laws and testing protocols.

— Many families (mostly BIPOC communities) were negatively impacted by the current laws. “The damage done by prohibition has been comprehensive – the solutions need to be just as comprehensive.”

— In the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation – education and understanding are essential. Ignorance is the enemy.

— If someone is fired for taking their prescribed cannabis medicine, it can be considered a human rights violation.

— If one has THC in their system, it does not necessarily mean that one is impaired. This is an impassioned debate that continues to be explored.

If you are intrigued to learn more about medical cannabis in a self-paced environment – Foundations of Medical Cannabis is an efficient and credible place to start.

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