Online Course: The Foundations of Medical Cannabis (Part One)

Anyone who is familiar with my work and background, knows how passionate I am about medical cannabis education. The mission of my company, Let’s Talk Cannabis, is to eliminate the stigma surrounding medical cannabis and bring to light the myriad healing properties of this incomparable plant.

Let’s Talk Cannabis has recently partnered with The Plant Medicine Institute to offer online medical cannabis training. The inaugural course, “The Foundations of Medical Cannabis” was developed by a physician who specializes in cannabinoid medicine. I had the opportunity to contribute, in an advisory role, due to my knowledge of medical cannabis acquired through many years of cannabis research and lived experience.

The material is exceptional, and appropriate for anyone—including healthcare professionals—who desire comprehensive medical cannabis education.

Here are a few examples of learning outcomes:

— Study the largest modulating system in the human body: the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is believed to play a role in many physiological processes such as immune function, digestion, the wake-sleep cycle, and regulation of stress and emotion. The ECS was discovered in 1988, but due to certain laws and prohibition (based on non-scientific propaganda) this knowledge has not yet been formally taught in medical schools.

— This course delineates the physiology of medical cannabis so that healthcare professionals will be better equipped to discuss it as a treatment option with patients.

— The War on Drugs is a “war against traumatized people.” Studies are beginning to back up this statement. This material provides a fulsome understanding of why medical cannabis should not be feared and is not associated with the risk of life-threatening addiction or lethal overdose (unlike opioid medications and certain anti-depressants.)

— Discover how cannabis can build immunity. In understanding the ECS, medical cannabis can be considered a “preventative” tool to improve many health conditions.

— Uncover the facts about the historical usage of cannabis medicine (cannabis has a safety profile that has endured for over 6,000 years.)

— Be inspired to embark on a career as a specialist in Medical Cannabis Education. This course is an excellent option for anyone interested in taking a deeper dive into the history of cannabis and its healing properties.

— Understand Canadian cannabis laws.

— Assist those in charge of developing curriculum for colleges and universities (nursing students, paramedics, law enforcement students, and others.)

If you are intrigued to learn more about medical cannabis in a self-paced environment – Foundations of Medical Cannabis is an efficient and credible place to start.

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