Healing the planet through Royal AgriCULTURE with Ali William Palmer

Green.org recently sat down with Ali William Palmer, CEO at Royal Technology and Agriculture, a company focused on regenerative farm consulting and agritech. Ali was named as Green.Org’s Person of the Week due to his focus on creating a better world through the confluence of culture, science, technology, and education.

SOURCE: Green.org

Tell us a little bit about you and your background:

I’m a tech CEO who runs Royal Tech and Ag. We build dynamic QR Codes for agriculture – providing an engaging platform for education, science and the quality of product and process. I am a 17-year Veteran of the US Army – West Point and Harvard Business School graduate. Also, an Airborne Ranger with combat service in IRAQ.

Originally from Florida, my parents were jazz musicians and instilled education, values and a strong focus on entrepreneurial spirit in me. I currently live in Atlanta, GA with my wife and two boys. A third son is out of the house — an Infantry Officer and Survival School Instructor in Enterprise, AL.

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