Medical Cannabis Training and Education

The Foundations of Medical Cannabis and the Patient Educator courses have been designed by Dr. Neelan Mohan; he has been working in the cannabis industry for several years and applies his medical knowledge and skill set to understand how cannabis can be of benefit to patients with medical ailments.

Foundation of Medical Cannabis course:

Students will be introduced to the history of cannabis, rules and regulations of cannabis in Canada, a thorough introduction of the biological properties of cannabis (i.e., cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids), and how they interact with one another on cannabinoid receptors located within the body and brain; this is referred to as the Endocannabinoid System.


  • benefits of cannabis, as well as side effects
  • medical conditions where cannabis has shown beneficial effects
  • medical conditions where cannabis should not be provided (i.e.., contraindications)
  • details on the various consumption methods of cannabis (inhalation, oral, topical, suppository, etc.)


  • Individuals who are interested in learning about medical cannabis for personal use, or to help their family members navigate through the Canadian healthcare system
  • Individuals already working (or intend to work) in the cannabis industry (I.e., production facilities, cannabinoid clinics, marketing agencies, licensed producers, etc.)
  • Staff working in medical clinics and cannabinoid clinics to gain a thorough understanding and appreciation of the medical benefits of cannabis 
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Patient Educator Course

This course is a continuation of the Foundation of Medical Cannabis course. What that means is, students who enrol in Patient Educatorcourse must first successfully complete the Foundations of Medical Cannabis course (as a prerequisite). This is essential because upon completion of the Patient Educator course, a formal certificate will be provided to students. Students will then be qualified to become competent patient educators in the industry.

Specifically, the Patient Educator course offers students, and staff members the opportunities to:

  • Learn about the various roles in the cannabinoid clinics
  • The student will become trained to perform the role of a cannabis/patient educator
    • The student will learn (and practice) how to complete various forms that are essential for a patient to access their cannabinoid medicine: these forms include: the patient intake form, adverse events reporting form, and specific forms tailored for veteran clients
    • The student will be able to assist clients navigating through the Canadian health care system to obtain medical cannabis. This includes, ordering medicine from licensed producers (LPs), and also being able to apply to Health Canada for a personal production license (i.e., grow medical cannabis at their home)
    • The student will learn how to create an individualized cannabis treatment plan for their patients (the student will review the patients’ history, will cross-examine the patients’ pharmaceutical history to make sure there are no contraindications, they will then educate the client on methods of consumption, and they will assist the client in ordering their medicine from a Health Canada approved licensed producer)
    • Upon completion, the students will receive a certificate that they can use when applying to careers (specifically, cannabis patient educator roles) in the industry



College and University students

  • This course can be offered to health care students in medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, natural medicine, etc.
  • This course can be implemented into the college/university’s current curriculum as well as offered as an elective to students also outside of the healthcare industry.

Veteran community

  • This course helps veteran clients navigate through the medical cannabis system. It is specifically of interest to veteran clients who would like to take a leadership role, or a liaison role, as they can work with cannabinoid clinics, the veteran community, and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)

Staff members at cannabinoid clinics

  • Cannabinoid clinics are following OR should be following the exact model I introduce in this course. By taking this course, staff members will be trained on the best ethical practices and guidelines to help all patients access medical cannabis for their needs.

Medical clinics

  • This course can be proposed to doctors and their healthcare team; by completing the course, the doctor’s staff (i.e., nurses, students) will be able to help patients with inquiries, as well as help their patients access medical cannabis
  • This is also a business opportunity for doctors and their partners as implementing the model into their practice will generate greater revenue overall

Clinics such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, naturopathic medicine, etc.

  • Everyone is interested in the holistic approach, and thus, the course helps professionals in various fields of health be better equipped with the knowledge required to provide their patients with reputable information and guidelines.
  • Again, this offers various clinics an opportunity to establish a business model into their current practice.
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