Sherry Bennett

Founder & Managing Director

Meet Our Founder

Sherry Bennett is a Medical Cannabis Educator and the Founder and Managing Director of Let’s Talk Cannabis™ (LTC). She has an extensive background in the Family Services Industry and has referred countless individuals to the professional resources they need to help manage the logistics of life. Known for her expertise and advocacy, Sherry is a business professional who values collaboration, communication, education and compassion. Her focus is and has always been to provide unparalleled education and support for clients. Recently, Sherry completed the Compassionate Integrity Training through the global organization called, “Charter for Compassion.” 

Sherry’s caregiving expertise, coupled with her own lived experience, inspired her to launch Bayview Concierge, in 2012 to make life and living easier for seniors and their families. Bayview Concierge, the sister company of LTC, is an associate member of CCIC (the Canadian Consortium for Investigation of Cannabinoids). “Cannabis is proven to be an effective treatment for myriad health conditions including mental health,” she affirms.

Five years ago, Sherry began a journey of discovery that would change her life and business. Through her work with clients in the medical cannabis sector, she became focused on her latest initiative, “Let’s Talk Cannabis,” designed to educate and present new research on medical cannabis treatment.

Recently, Bennett was recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by the King Chamber of Commerce, (Excellence in Business Awards), citing her innovation and education on medical cannabis for professionals and the community at large.

Let’s Talk Cannabis offers online education in the form of webinars and panel discussions as well as, in-person expert medical cannabis forums for business owners, executives, health care professionals, HR and legal experts to dispel the myths as they begin to navigate through the issues associated with medical cannabis treatment. These forums feature premier thought leaders, delivering evidenced-based education on the safety and benefits of cannabis medicine.